Contract Example

Due to the complicated nature of editing, my contracts are in the form of letters of agreement. I will put every specific detail of what we both expect and have agreed to in this document, and will encourage you to read it carefully before signing.  



Dear __________,


According to our [phone/email] conversation today, I have agreed to [type of editing or task] your [type of project]. In your estimation, the manuscript requires [what you want done]. As we discussed, my fee for this job is [$] per hour/ [$] per page. We will be working together by email, phone, and in person [if desired and possible].


We have agreed that a sample editing of [length of sample edit] pages will help us both evaluate the whole job. Assuming delivery of the manuscript on the morning of [date], I would expect to complete the sample editing by [date estimate]. I will return the sample via [method agreed upon]and can expect to hear from you by the following [date].

Because I will be reserving time during the following week, I will need to know by [date], whether you intend to proceed. At that time, should either of us decide not to continue with the project, we have agreed that I will be paid for any work done on the sample that exceeds one manuscript page.

My preliminary estimate of the total time needed to complete the job is about two weeks after the sample is approved. My estimate, however, is based on [the stated length of manuscript pages] and the complexity of the work involved. If, upon review, the job appears to require more time to complete, I will contact you immediately, so that we can reevaluate the project’s requirements.

Should you decide to terminate the project before its completion, we have agreed that I will be paid in full for all the time I have spent on it up to that point, together with a cancellation fee of [depends upon project length]and will return all materials, including edited manuscript, to you immediately. I will send you an invoice at the end of each week. My bills will include all time spent in actual editing, together with time spent in conference and in tasks directly related to the job. I will also include related expenses, such as those for postage and photocopying. I don’t foresee any other expenses associated with this project and will inform you right away if I encounter any.

As we agreed, invoices are payable within 15 days. My usual practice is to apply interest if payment is not made within 30 days, at an interest rate of 2 percent per month or partial month, including the month following the invoice date. No interest is due if payment is made by the fifteenth day.

Should you decide after the job is completed that you would like the manuscript to undergo a second stage of editing, that work will be the subject of a separate agreement.


If this arrangement is acceptable to you, please sign below, keep a copy for yourself, and return this copy to me.




Saren Richardson


Understood and Agreed:


(your name)




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