Rates and Services


  • Proofreading: $.03/word*
  • Copy Editing: $.04/word* Basic  $.05/word* Heavy
  • Developmental Editing: $.07/word*

*These are estimates and are subject to change upon further inspection of project and needs of client. The rate will be set in mutual agreement before editing begins.


 Industry Standards

Common editorial rates —regardless of whether a project is flat rate or hourly— tend to fall within the ranges listed on the Editorial Freelancer’s Association site.

These should be used only as a rough guideline; rates vary considerably depending on the nature of the work, the time frame of the assignment, the degree of special expertise required, and other factors. The industry standard for a manuscript page is a firm 250 words.


What am I talking about?

When deciding the type of editing you require, it is important to make sure that you and your editor are in agreement as to what the “types” of editing entail. I have prepared an explanation of my methods and my own understanding of the terminology, as well as an estimation of the amount of pages I generally am able to complete in an hour. As you will see, that amount will vary depending upon the type of editing I am doing and the complexity/difficulty of the content. Please take the time read it: The Ideal Journey of an Edit

 Pro Bono Services

I am always learning new skills to improve my services, and those skills need plenty of practice before I can feel justified in charging clients for them. I would love the opportunity to to assist you with the following services at no additional charge. Please understand that time spent on these free services will have to be done around the schedule of my paying services. If you would like to be my guinea pig  add any of these free services, I will provide a pro bono service contract that will outline the goals and hours I will be committing to, as well as reciprocal compensation you can provide if happy with my work (references, testimonials, feedback, or endorsements).

  • Web design
  • Internet marketing
  • Ebook formatting
  • Cover art/illustration
  • Graphic design

Let me know if you are interested in helping me polish these skills :)




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