Editorial Services with a gentle bedside manner.

Being an editor means being a text surgeon. I know that it takes bravery to let your work go under the knife, and I strive for a perfect balance of professional and considerate service in order to make the editing process as enjoyable as possible.

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Saren Richardson

The Suture in Suture Editing:

It is the surgery necessary to improve. It is careful and precise, never more than needed. It patches you up and doesn’t leave a scar.

There is a term in film theory called “suturing” that expresses how narrative films work with our psyches in order that we might enter the imaginary worlds of those films and look past, or through, the particular means, techniques, codes, and conventions that created these worlds. Suture theory inquires into how these means, techniques, codes, and conventions work to render their own operations invisible.

Similarly, great text editing isn’t seen or noticed by the reader. Great editing is suture editing.


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